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Long Spike Choker By Anippie

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Long Spike Choker

By Anippie

What you'll get:

A FBX file.

No textures, just put metal & leather materials on Unity!

Shown in the picture on my unfinished personnal avatar, nothing else is included.


Third Eye Piercing: (made by meee)

Septum Piercing:

Cheeks Piercings:

Stats: 1,255 Triangles.

T.O.S for assets:

Allowed on Free / Public / Personal / Nitro / Commercial.

Credit me with the link to my asset / socials when using my asset.

Do not edit.

Don't sell it.

Don't claim as your own.

Don't take parts off.

Please keep the shapekey "By Anippie". It'll help people find me!

If you want to share it, share the link to download it, do not share the package.

If you use my asset, please show it to me on my Discord Server or tag me on Instagram!

Don't hesitate to put a rating and a tip if you want to help me!

If you have some issues with my assets, send me a message on Discord.

About me:

I'm new to avatar and asset making!

I can edit avatars, make avatars or assets for you and I will make new ones, free ones too, but I'm still learning.

Anippie on Discord

Anippievrc on Instagram

Join the Discord Server for future free assets, giveaways and updates or if you need a commission!

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Long Spike Choker By Anippie

4 ratings
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